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Lauren Glendenning

In Native Advertising, Choosing The Right Publisher Is Essential

By Lauren Glendenning March 2, 2018
Content is Only Engaging When It’s Delivered To The Right Audience  

With native advertising, trustworthiness brings brand lift and purchase intent

By Lauren Glendenning December 28, 2017

A headline that came out of last year’s Ad Age Digital Conference concisely sums up the value of..

Native Advertising Articles Pair Perfectly with Newspapers

By Lauren Glendenning November 14, 2017

With savvy consumers looking for trust and credibility in brands, advertisers are finding that..

Native Advertising Examples That are Engaging, Informative, and Get Read

By Lauren Glendenning October 10, 2017

Native advertising’s secrets for success aren’t secrets at all. With compelling, engaging,..

Native Ads and Magazines: A Perfect Marriage

By Lauren Glendenning September 21, 2017

Winter magazine season is upon us. With the changing of the seasons comes the time of year that..

Native Advertising Results: Brand Lift, Brand Loyalty, Greater Purchase Intent

By Lauren Glendenning August 15, 2017

In the world of native advertising, which includes sponsored content, branded content, and..

When Creating Effective Native Advertising, Ask Yourself This: Would You Consume This Type of Content?

By Lauren Glendenning July 20, 2017

In native advertising, direct sales might not happen immediately, but they will happen..

Not Sure Which Stories to Tell in Your Native Content Ads? Just be Authentic

By Lauren Glendenning July 6, 2017

Good storytelling isn’t all that complicated when the message is authentic. But when you're..

Native Advertising: Examples of When this Makes Sense for Your Business, and When it Doesn’t

By Lauren Glendenning June 27, 2017

With the rise of native advertising, small business owners are becoming increasingly familiar..

In Native Advertising Discussions and Content, Speak in Layman’s Terms

By Lauren Glendenning June 12, 2017

It’s likely that you’ve never heard someone use the term “thought leader” in everyday life, but..

Advertorial vs. Native Advertising: Why They Are Not the Same Thing

By Lauren Glendenning May 23, 2017


A snarky former boss remarked a couple of years ago that native advertising has been around..

What Does Native Ad Success Look Like? Examples of Native Advertising Performance Metrics

By Lauren Glendenning May 10, 2017

For advertisers who understand the value of storytelling, native advertising is a content..


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