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5 Google Analytics Custom Reports All Small Business Owners Should be Using

What are Custom Reports?

Google Analytics (GA) Custom Reports are a great resource for small business owners and self-made marketers. Running your own business is tough enough without managing your website so you can stay competitive in an online space. Fortunately, getting started with Google Analytics is easy. They make it much easier to measure your various digital goals and metrics with custom reports.

Google Analytics Custom Reports are selected threads of data that are mined from the already available pool of your website. So, instead of shuffling through various tabs and other elements of the Google Analytics interface, with just one click you can receive relevant data specific to your digital strategy. While you can create custom reports yourself, this is really only advised when you know what you need in a report.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Google Analytics gurus out there who have solved the problem for us. There are various Google Analytics Custom Reports available on the internet all free to download. Most of the Google Analytics Custom Reports can be found the Google Analytics solutions gallery. In this article, I’ll review 5 custom reports that any small business owner with  a website will want to have in their toolbox. There are several guides on how to setup custom reports, so be sure to check them out if you’re new to importing reports.

Business Outcomes Analysis Report

Link to the report 

Created by all-star web analyst Avinash Kaushik, the Business Outcomes Analysis custom report

google analytics custom reportsmakes great use of the Enhanced Ecommerce feature in Google Analytics which helps you understand your business outcomes coming from gathered data via cookies/visitors/users.  Kaushik created this report focusing on acquisition, behavior, and outcome metrics. There are three tabs in this report.

While most of the metrics are self-explanatory I wanted to highlight one. The Buy-to-Detail Rate measures the number of products purchased per number of product-detail views i.e. products added to a cart or checkouts on your ecommerce website.

Overall, this report is useful for determining whether or not your online content is helpful in increasing your conversion rates. For a more detailed explanation on the metrics used in this report, visit the post written by Kaushik on his blog.

Long-tail Keyword Converters Report

Link to report

Are you running a content marketing strategy on your website? If so, this long tail keyword converters report is a great addition to your toolbox. As SEO has advanced, so have the marketing tactics used for keyword optimization. It’s time to download this report if you’re still trying to target and bid on 1-2 word queries. It’s all about the long tail keywords now, and this report will provide you quick access to your website’s long tail keywords and vital stats.

Avinash was kind enough to share his Advanced Segmenting filters to show your stats with 3,4,5,10, and 20+ words. To recreate his long tail segment click ‘Create Segment’ here to apply it to your account. No need to be familiar with Advanced Segments!  

google analytics custom reports

Also, if you want to know which keyword words work and which do not, click here to install the Custom Report into your Analytic account. This report, in conjunction with the Advanced Segmenting above will give you your long tail keywords and how many people interacted with your site through those keywords. See the report below:

google analytics custom reports

Social Media Custom Reports

Link to report

google analytics custom reportsAnother excellent report created by Avinash, is this social media report which provides clarity to help you measure all of your different social channels. We know social media sends  traffic to our sites, but how do we effectively translate that data into dollars in the bank? The answer becomes quite straightforward when downloading this report. It will make you a much more efficient social analyst. There are three tabs in this report:

  1. Summary - this tab will tell you where your traffic is  coming from, how often, whether they are finding what they’re looking for, and if it is making you analytics custom reports
  2. Content Analysis - This tab will tell you what landing pages are most popular and what types of content are the most valuable.
  3. Device Analysis - Are you running social ads? This tab could be particularly helpful to you since you can target your ads based on device. Should you care more about mobile? Desktop? Where should you allocate most of your budget? Find all those answers here.

For further explanation on this report visit Avinash Kaushik’s blog post.

Site Diagnostics Report

Link to report


This is a great report created by Rachelle Maisner. It helps webmasters reveal all problematic pages that need improvement. One example is whether incorrect image formats are causing huge load times on your sites. You can also set the view to ‘comparison’ and review bounce rates and the time taken to load a page.


google analytics custom reports

Hours & Days Report

Link to report

Designed by Dan Barker, the hour and days report shows you which day of the week and at which time of the day your website receives the most traffic. This is very useful for content marketing. Begin testing different blog post scheduling and use this report for tracking traffic over a longer period of time - say two months. Continue to optimize your posting schedule based on traffic spikes.  

google analytics custom reports

Will you be using Google Analytics Custom Reports?

Installing these custom report templates and personalizing them will save you time and most likely reveal insights about your data that your weren’t previously aware of. The reports allow you to aggregate data very efficiently and is totally worth the time and analysis. Did I miss any of your favorite custom reports? Let me know in the comments below. 




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