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5 Re-Engagement Email Campaigns to Help You Grow Your Email List

Around 25% of your email marketing list will drop off each year and email engagement is a very import metric for all marketers. The honeymoon stage is always great, right? Your relationship with your email subscribers might be bright and beautiful in the beginning. You’ve got high open rates and click through rates that soar. Hey, they might even forward your message along to a friend. However, overtime, some subscribers will fade, get bored and become distant. Remember, these subscribers are only dormant. It’s important to note that even if your subscribers have gone inactive but remain subscribed, they could be seriously hurting your email engagement rates. In fact, this could get you flagged as SPAM.

So what is there to do to help you rekindle the initial spark? In this blog I will highlight 5 different email re-engagement campaigns that worked really well for other brands. Take a look and maybe you’ll get some ideas that can apply to your subscriber database.

Thrive Market

Re-engagement email campaign

Thrive Market aces re-engagement on all levels.

Right away you’ll notice the message is framed around an abandoned cart. So they know that the lead is warmer. Another great strategy to this email is the additional freebies that are offered to further entice the subscriber to complete the sale.

And wait, all the way at the bottom we’ve got one more promotion. A coupon offering even more discounts for up to 25%- 50% other items on the website.


Re-engagement email campaign

Patagonia is driving traffic back to their website by sending a re-engagement email after each purchase. Confident in the quality and satisfaction of their product, they want users to engage with them online by writing apparel reviews. This helps solidify the value of the brand to other customers, colder leads and first time buyers that may be purchasing a Patagonia piece for the first time.


Re-engagement email campaign

This email from Starbuck has a nice balance. By offering a free birthday treat the brand is obtaining more precious data from their inactive subscribers with the goal to engage them in the near future.  This data is allowing them to understand their audience better so they can continue to engage them and send more relevant promotions. Who knows, maybe you’ll even purchase something from their website when they’ve warmed you up with enough coffee.

Boulevard  Brewing Co.

Re-engagement email campaign

This is a great re-engagement example for when you’ve gotten lenient about your sending. To maintain a stable open-rate, it’s a good idea to confirm with your subscriber database that they still want to receive emails from you. Give them a friendly reminder of all the great reasons they signed up and add a bonus CTA to obtain more data from them!


Re-engagement email campaign

Did you know that a whopping 56% of people unsubscribe from emails because the content is no longer relevant to them. So maybe you’re not providing the right content. Simply ask them for their demographic information (like gender or DOB) so you can begin to optimize your content and give them exactly what they want.

So don’t miss out on an opportunity to re-engage your subscribers. There are various touch points that can and should be created along the sales funnel. And don’t forget that measuring the effectiveness of your email re-engagement campaign is fundamental. Is your open rate increasing? What about active users in the your database? Don’t forget to set initial objective and goals for each campaign you create. And once you’ve tried all attempts to reignite their interest but with no avail, it may be best to part ways.

Or you could try and play the humor card, like Hubspot, and create a funny video that directs you to other options for further engagement. Everyone likes funny. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please leave comments below with other great email marketing re-engagement tactics and ideas, and don't forget to subscribe to our blog so you never miss out on any great marketing tips and tricks! 





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