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5 Steps To Successful Blogging

The Key Components For An Engaging Blog

Inbound marketing tactics are a great way to gain quality engagement from customers seeking out things that you have the answer too. One of the most crucial inbound marketing tactics is to utilize a quality blog sharing a variety of content to meet a variety of customer’s needs. The key components of a successful and engaging blog are detailed below.

Key Points:

  1. Utilize cluster topics.
  2. Hyperlink your content
  3. Utilize cross marketing
  4. Utilize a variety of content presentations.
  5. Include a secondary CTA.


Analyze Each Step:

1. Cluster Topics:

According to Hubspot, a cluster topic is “a content program that enables deeper coverage across a range of core topic areas, while creating an efficient information architecture in the process.” The cluster topic aims to cover a variety of keywords in a variety of ways by utilizing an overarching topic with a number of related sub-topics that focus on the same key points and tactics.

Instead of just writing a blog based on a few keywords, come up with a broad overarching topic, like outbound marketing, and then a number of sub-topics, like email marketing, contests, promotions, surveys, winback campaigns, etc. This allows for you to connect to a much larger number of keywords while also have more data backing up each of those keywords. Then, you create your pillar page blog introducing all sub-topics and keywords. Lastly, you create content for each specific sub-topic and hyperlink to intertwine all the pieces of the blog puzzle.


2. Hyperlinked Content:

As mentioned above, it is crucial to hyperlink your different pieces of content to not only support your cluster topic but also to create a web of content where the viewer and delve deeper and deeper into interrelated content. This allows for a viewer to continue engaging even after they have read the blog that answered their initial question. Majority of your hyperlinks should be internal and link to your own content, however, it is also valuable to include a few external hyperlinks.

3. Cross-Marketing:

Cross-Marketing is a form of cross-promotion in which different companies link up to create mutually beneficial content. The aspect of hyperlinking to external content is one method of cross-marketing. Including connections to other credible companies allows for your companies network and credibility to grow, not only in the eyes of the consumer but also in the ‘eyes’ of search engines.

4. Variety:

Another key aspect in creating a successful and stable foundation of blogs is to always remember to mix things up. If every blog you create is formatted the exact same way, then you are limiting your ability to connect with minds that consume information in different ways. Instead of sticking to one format, try using a plethora of content presentation styles like infographics, downloadable content, bulleted blogs, text-heavy content and graphic-heavy content, etc. By presenting your valuable content in a variety of ways, you are creating a much larger web where different viewers can potentially engage.

5. Secondary CTA:

The last key component of a successful blog is to ensure you are giving any viewer the option to further their level of engagement and potentially move one step further down the inbound marketing funnel. You can do this by including a secondary call-to-action that meets a need for the viewer. Once a viewer is engaged, they are far more likely to engage one step further. Once the viewer has found your blog from SEO, you have the perfect opportunity to make another offer like getting a discount or subscribe to our blog for more marketing tactics and tricks. See examples below...

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Inbound marketing can take a variety of shapes and forms however you will be hard-pressed to find any digital marketer who does not think that blogs can be one of your largest proponents of inbound marketing. By following the above steps, you are sure to create an engaging and easily found web of content to meet the needs of your clients. To learn about what not to do when posting a blog, check out our blog on the 5 content marketing mistakes to avoid.

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