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5 Ways to Increase Your Subscriber List, and 5 Ways to Market to Them Better

iStock-520095624.jpgIf you're not using email marketing to its full potential, you could be missing out on opportunities. It offers the kind of ROI most marketers dream of — $38 returned on every $1 spent. That being said, if you're not keeping your database up to date or refreshing your marketing strategy, you could also be losing a lot since databases naturally degrade about 22% annually. In today's post, we want to emphasize smart email marketing with ten tips: 5 ways to increase your subscriber list and five more to make marketing to your subscribers more effective.

Increase Your Subscriber List

Online Contest

One of the best ways to convince customers to give you their email address is to make sure they're getting something in return. This can especially be effective with contests. Simply require their email as part of entering the contest. Where you host the contest online doesn't necessarily matter, but it can be a great way to promote your site or social media channels.

Offline Events

Whether it's an industry conference or another type of event, the people that stop at your booth are already interested in what your brand has to offer. Simply make it easy for them to share their information; this can be especially effective in conjunction with a live contest or giveaway. For example, at a networking event, you could collect business cards as entries for door prizes. If your business is the one hosting the event, including a request for attendee's email addresses during the ticket purchase process is a must. If your business is a sponsor, consider requesting emails as a part of the sponsorship.

Sign Up Button on Blog

You should always feature a sign-up button on your website; it should be easy to find, and easy to use. More than that, however, you can utilize the sign up button as a key feature of the opt-in process for free content including white papers or ebooks, templates, and webinars.

Facebook Page CTA Button

Facebook is ubiquitous at this point, and while its emphasis is always going to be on the user experience, it's developed some great ways for businesses to connect with customers. One of the most important is the CTA button at the top of a business Facebook Page. Set it to Sign Up to build your email database. Not sure it's worth it? Dollar Shave Club put it to use and saw a 2.5x conversion rate for new user acquisition.

Lead Generating Facebook Ads

Another feature developed for businesses is the Lead Generating CTA button that can be featured in paid Facebook Ads. These ads are already going to be served to the users most likely to be interested in your business based on your targeting, so you should make it easy for them to opt-in to hearing more from you.

Market to Subscribers More Effectively


Segmenting your list is a must, even if it's only in broad strokes. According to research, email segmentation can result in a 760% increase in revenue and is a major contributing factor to other boosts in ROI. You can make general segments, such as demographics, or make them more specific, such as blog subscribers or people who made a recent purchase. This allows you to take full advantage of our next two tips.


Once you've created segments, you can use this data to target those audiences in a way that's more relevant to them. Consider the fact that a single Millennial male in college will have much different needs than a married female Baby Boomer with grandchildren; targeting allows you to significantly improve how receptive they are to your message. The results are significant. Just over 80% of shoppers targeted with emails based on previous shopping habits said they were likely to make a purchase as a result of that email. This must be an influence in why segmented and targeted emails are responsible for 58% of revenue.


Personalization is targeting at the individual level, and it amplifies the results you can expect. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened, while personalized messages lead to a 14% lift in CTR and 10% lift in conversion. What's more, personalized emails garner 6x higher transaction rates.

Avoid Spam

It's important to understand that your customers already expect your messages to be targeted and personalized. You don't want to send hyper-generic messages that are hit or miss in terms of appealing to them. They won't be afraid to hit the unsubscribe button, or worse,the spam button — just over 31% of consumers label a newsletter as spam because of irrelevant content, and another 10% do so because the newsletters are impersonal.


Calls-to-action are the core of digital marketing campaigns. They need to be clear and precise to ensure the best follow through, but in an email, you may want to consider making it a button. Using abutton instead of a link can improve conversion rates by 28%. Don't be afraid to be forward about it either. Some of the strongest CTAs are “Order Now” and “Learn More,” but don't be afraid to play into your brand's personality, for example, a restaurant advertising a new delivery service using a CTA button that says "Get it while it's hot!"

If you take advantage of these ten email marketing tips, you'll likely see better returns on investment for current and future email marketing strategies. Of course, the 5 ways to grow your email list are only the tip of the iceberg; more in-depth and advanced techniques can further enhance your results.




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