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6 Ways Every Business Owner Can Improve Their Website Conversion Rate

improve your website conversion rate

It’s good your business has a website. But truth be told, you should be concerned about your business’s future if it doesn’t have a strong digital presence.

These days, for businesses to succeed in a world where competitors are just a click of the mouse (or more likely a touch of the smartphone screen) away, they need to constantly grow and improve the one place where they’re open and visible 24/7 — on the web.

 So how can you ensure your company’s digital presence is converting potential customers into paying ones? The easy-to-implement tips will help you improve your website conversion rate:


Have a call to action.

Whether it’s a flash sale or a sign-up prompt for email newsletters, your landing page must have a clear CTA. Make sure your CTA stands out. It should be highly visible without requiring page visitors to scroll. Tests continually show that CTAs on the right side of landing pages perform best.


Include testimonials from real customers.

And make sure the great things they say about your products or services are specific and relatable to your target audience. Including names and photos with testimonials further adds to their authenticity. Think of testimonials as your company’s built-in 5-star reviews.


Keep it simple.

Users are turned off by confusing webpage navigation and cluttered website design. Visit the websites of some of your favorite national brands, and even your biggest competitors, for inspiration. Those leading national brands tend to work with top digital agencies familiar with the latest trends in web design and user experience.


Avoid confusing terminology or jargon.

Every business or service has its own language, so to speak, but that doesn’t mean it should be front and center on your website. If a potential customer might not understand what you’re referring to, change the wording so it’s easily understood.


Paint a picture with great visuals.

Use high-quality images and/or videos that relate to your business’s value proposition. Avoid stock photos whenever possible, but if you do have to use professional stock images, make sure they mean something to your product or service. And, of course, only use images and videos to which you’re properly purchased or secured the rights.


Increase your credibility with media mentions.

If yours isn’t a known brand, use media mentions on your landing page to add legitimacy to your business. For example, if your business was mentioned or featured in a newspaper, magazine, blog, radio or TV spot, include the logos of those media companies with a link, if possible, to the positive coverage.

For business owners, the internet presents a wonderful opportunity to reach countless new customers but also a relentless mandate to tweak, change and improve your digital marketing strategy as technologies evolve. Don’t get overwhelmed by it; instead, try to implement an improvement or two a time. Keep the pace manageable, but know that falling behind likely means giving a leg up to your competitors.




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