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A Strong Foundation Is The Key To Successful Marketing

How To Build A Strong Foundation For Your Business

There are many differing marketing tactics to utilize when aiming to grow your business. Regardless of which marketing tactics you are engaging, unless your company has a strong foundation, then any marketing efforts are a mute point. Having a stable and clearly communicated foundation is the key to success in growing and marketing your business.

Step 1: Define Clear and Attainable Goals


As simple and logical as this step seems, it is shocking how many businesses have not clearly defined their goals and shared those goals with the entire company. Select goals that are attainable and realistic. Come up with your goal-set for the year based on the previous year’s analytics. If you are a startup, look to companies that are similar in both size and product offerings to deduce what a realistic goal might be.

Step 2: Align The Marketing and Sales Teams


Another key step in setting up a stable foundation is to ensure that your sales and marketing teams are aligned. Everyone within each part of the business should be aware of the goals that the company is aiming to achieve so that all employees can collectively work to accomplish those goals. Without this closed-loop process, a marketer’s efforts to generate leads is meaningless if no sales rep will be aware of those efforts and able to follow up with those leads. Many industry leaders refer to this integration of the sales and marketing teams as the companies ‘smarketing’ efforts! 

Step 3: Analyze and Adopt Your Best Practices

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Now that your company has a clear set of goals and a strategic smarketing plan, the final step in establishing your foundation is to look to your analytics in order to deduce what are the best practices for your particular business and target audience. Without a thorough analysis of what campaigns generated the most leads, had the best CTR’s or moved customers further through the buyer’s journey, then there is no control element helping deduce what campaigns and practices to continue and what efforts to rework. Take the campaigns with your best analytics and reproduce similar campaigns. You can also notice what efforts did not drive the desired engagement or result and test variations of that campaign in order to find the sweet spot of just what works for your business and target audience.

As simple as all of these concepts may seem, these three steps are often skipped over by businesses due to their seemingly logical and unnecessary nature. Do not be fooled! Taking the time to clearly and effectively communicate within your team is the key to successfully growing and marketing your business. Without these steps, there is no foundation for the business to grow upon and the efforts of different employees will not be cohesive. Take the time to properly set up your business for success and build a sturdy foundation today! 

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