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6 Google Local Listing SEO Steps to Make Sure Your Business Gets Found in Local Searches

By Brent Boyer November 9, 2017

Relevant local search results — i.e., getting a list of nearby pharmacies when you search “drug..

Facebook Live: An Inexpensive, Easy, and Effective Way to Create Content and Engage in Video Marketing

By Brent Boyer September 12, 2017

The air of exclusivity that comes with producing and broadcasting live video has long since..

3 Ways to Use 360 Video to Market Your Business

By Brent Boyer June 29, 2017

Successfully marketing your business is hard enough as it is. So we understand the desire to..

Pop-ups Deliver Results and Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

By Brent Boyer May 18, 2017

Let’s say you own a restaurant on Main Street. You have a great chef, an exciting menu and a..

Native Ads vs. Banner Ads: When, Why and How to Use Each

By Brent Boyer April 13, 2017

Banner ads, also known as online display ads, have been the standard for website advertising for..

What are Native Ads, and Why Should Your Business Use Them?

By Brent Boyer March 17, 2017

Native advertising is one of the fastest-growing (and effective) digital ad mediums, and for..

3 Steps to Ensure 'Fake News' Doesn't Hurt Your Business

By Brent Boyer February 23, 2017

The significance of a good content strategy to your business’ digital marketing and sales..

Google Home, Amazon Echo and How Digital Assistants Will Impact Your Business

By Brent Boyer January 19, 2017

Ten years ago, Apple co-founder and tech deity Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone. It was, in..

Six Steps for Creating the Perfect Business Website Design

By Brent Boyer December 1, 2016

Your website design is stale. It’s design, user experience and content seemed so good when your..

Creating a Successful Facebook Content Strategy for Small Businesses

By Brent Boyer October 18, 2016

Not having a strong Facebook presence for your business is tantamount to not having a website..

Why Print Advertising Thrives in America’s Top Mountain Resort Towns

By Brent Boyer September 21, 2016

Saying something often enough doesn’t make it true. And so it is with the “Print is Dead” chorus.


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