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Key Benefits and Examples of a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Data-driven marketing is a term that you hear marketers use more and more. It has become a..

What is Customer-Centric Marketing and How You can Start Your Customer-Centric Journey

Finding new ways to increase revenue is always top of mind, especially to sales teams. As customer..

Use the Off-Season to Kickstart Your Holiday Marketing Ideas

The first day of fall has already come and gone. If you haven’t started thinking about your holiday..

What is Behavioral Segmentation and Why Should You Use It?

Customer demand for customization has continued to increase in all industries. If any of your..

Send Marketing Emails Effectively: Promotional Email Tips for Small Businesses

Promotional emails are a great way to generate revenue for your business, and for good reason. In..

The Value of Customer Loyalty and Retention

Retention marketing has traditionally taken the backseat to acquisition efforts. Many businesses..

A Beginners Guide to Email Segmentation Strategy

If you are new to email marketing you may not know that email segmentation is one of cheapest and..

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