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Facebook Live: An Inexpensive, Easy, and Effective Way to Create Content and Engage in Video Marketing

The air of exclusivity that comes with producing and broadcasting live video has long since passed. Once the domain of TV stations and high-priced production companies, live video can now be quickly produced and broadcast by anyone with a smartphone and a cellular signal. Yes, that means you.

But “going live” is still an intimidating proposition for most people, including business owners. It’s time to overcome that fear and see how platforms like Facebook Live can help you create compelling content and can offer your business a variety of video marketing solutions that will help your brand engage with customers in a meaningful way.

First, How To Do It

Creating a Facebook Live broadcast is as simple as navigating to your business’ Facebook page on your mobile Facebook app and choosing the “Live Video” option under “Publish.” From there, simply choose whether you want to shoot in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) mode. Facebook Live works with either.

Facebook allows you to post some text with your Live broadcast, and we recommend you do so. No need to overthink how to post on your Facebook page — something short and sweet describing to your fans what your live video is about is all you need. Hitting the red record button will you send you live, where you’ll be able to interact in real time with viewers, including answering their questions or addressing their comments.

Facebook has compiled a list of additional tips for doing an effective live broadcast. We recommend you check them out.

Second, Why To Do It

Facebook Live gives business owners like you a chance to interact with your audience in a real-time, authentic way. Removed is the faux veneer of professionally produced videos, replaced with a raw and uneditable experience between brand and viewer. Does that make it a bit riskier? Sure, but avoid potential pitfalls by employing some common sense to your live broadcast. Jot an outline of what you want to discuss or cover and try to stick to it.

A not-so-secret allure of Facebook Live is the premium the world’s largest social media platform places on the live format. Going live will dramatically increase — by a factor of 3, according to some estimates — the likelihood your video appears in the news feeds of your followers and fans.

Finally, Some Ideas For What To Do

Here are four ways to use Facebook Live to build your business following and engage with your audience.

  1. Question and answer: Get the conversation going by having a couple commonly asked questions of your business already in the queue. Encourage your live audience to comment with their own questions about your business, products, etc. If you’re worried about not having enough response, post a couple of times in the week leading up to your live broadcast soliciting questions from your page followers; those posts also give you a chance to promote the upcoming live broadcast — a win-win!
  2. Behind the scenes: Give your customers a “private” look at your business by showing them the settings and people that make it all happen. Whether it’s a close-up look of your showroom, restaurant kitchen, warehouse or anything else, those personal insights into your company will make your audience feel a bigger part of the overall brand experience.
  3. Demonstrations: Have a new product to show off or a new recipe you’re considering adding to the menu? Do you have an existing product that you can show potential customers how to best use? Offering live demos may just entice some purchases.
  4. Interviews: Does your business have clients, customers or employees who can offer a unique take on something related to your company or industry? A casual on-camera interview is a great way to add new faces and voices to your brand.

We’d love to hear what other ideas you have. Leave us a comment in the section below.



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