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Many people would assume that sending out email campaigns would be a benefit for their company however outbound content can actually hurt your business if you are not getting the right content to the right audience. According to research from Dynamic Yield, a personalization technology platform for marketers and businesses, what consumers value most is targeted promotions and discounts as well as recommendations customized specifically for that one person. Unfortunately, only *25% of shoppers in North America feel that they are actually receiving truly personalized emails. While so few people feel that they are receiving the personalization they desire, a whopping *62% of shoppers in North America admit to responding favorably to personalized emails. These statistics are a clear indicator that businesses need to be focusing more on what content they are sending to who as opposed to focusing solely on sending content regularly.


As personalized content is making way for new email opportunities for marketers and businesses alike, the key will be to continually balance the quantity and the quality of your outbound content. You are not the only business hoping to get higher engagement from a more personalized piece of content which gives even more reason to realize the importance of personalization in outbound content.

Consumer’s inboxes are flooded daily with deals, discounts, specials and new items being showcased from a number of retailers. As those business get smart and begin to send more specified content to each of their different target audiences, you will then have to work even harder to not only send personalized content but to send it in a way that stands out from the rest of the personalized content.

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A great way to make your personalized content stand out is to realize the best send time based on your target audience. *45% of consumers inspired by the right type of email will typically follow through with their transaction in the evening or after dinner. This statistic might not be relevant to every business which is why knowing your target personas, their daily schedules and their likes and dislikes will be integral to the success of your personalized outbound content. Utilize analytics from your previous campaigns to deduce what time of day your audience is most receptive.

Of course, we all want what we want, yet we all want something different! This common philosophy is exactly why understanding and utilizing personalized content can make a huge impact on the success of your digital marketing tactics. Give ‘the people’ what they want but also understand that ‘the people’ is comprised of thousands of extremely different people who your business is aiming to engage.

*Statistics from Dynamic Yield

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