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Writing Effective CTAs: Helpful tips for knock-out CTAs

writing effective cta

In order for any business to succeed, you need to get your customers to complete an action. Whether it is to buy something, download a product, subscribe to your blog, or a plethora of other actions, a strong call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important things you can write and one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. When correctly written, an effective CTA can guarantee your customer takes the action you want. Incorrectly written, and your audience will be confused what to do.

If you aren’t seeing the conversion you’d like, your CTA may be to blame. Crafting a simple and effective CTA is no small task. But it is one of the most important tasks for the success of your business.

So how can you ensure you’re guaranteeing that your audience takes the action you want and make sure you're writing effective CTAs?

Identify your target goal:

What is the goal you are trying to encourage? Think of all the times you’ve taken an action online and try to identify what it was that got you to convert. Have you recently downloaded an application? Have you recently purchased something online? Have you recently subscribed to an online blog? Each one of these is an example of responding to a strong CTA.

These personal examples are one place you can start to craft your own successful CTAs for your business.

Simply simple:

You have seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Make sure you optimize that time with a CTA that resonates. Here are three great examples of clean CTAs.

writing effective CTA

Dropbox does an awesome job at crafting a clear and simple CTA. Their use of whitespace is clean, the message is short and succinct, and their button color makes it easy to see for the user.

writing effective CTA

Slack is another great example of an effective CTA. This instance uses a beautiful image, and has a customer service example. A workteam used Slack to put a robot on Mars, how many can say that?

writing effective CTA
ModCloth is always so great at getting to the point quickly. There are stylish items on sale, start shopping now. No complex wording. I know if I want to save on these cute items, I need to click today while the prices are low.

Multiple CTAs?

This can be a tricky task. When you have multiple actions you want your audience to take, begin by highlighting the primary action you want them to take.

writing effective CTA

Spotify does a great job with this: it is evident they are trying to convince their audience to subscribe to Premium, so by listing out the benefits and offering a free trial they can pull their audience in.

writing effective CTA

Canva keeps the form clear, while also pulling in great quotes about the programs effectiveness.

Wording is Key:

Think of the reasons your audience is visiting your website to begin with. What service are they expecting? What is the purpose of your product? Answering these questions and crafting a statement to support these goals is the best way to foster conversions.

Note that none of the examples above use “download.” All of these businesses have drilled down what the audience wants and how to get it. And that, is truly the best way to influence your audience.

Ensure your message can be read

According to Litmus, 55% of emails are read on a mobile device. This means you need to be prepared and ensure your customers get the full message.

If your calls to action are displayed on images, make sure you use the CTA as the alt. text. This way, even if images are turned off, your customer knows exactly what action to take (without guessing).

What great examples of strong CTAs have you found? What tips have you used for writing effective CTAs?  Be sure to share below!




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