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How to Create a Buyer Persona for Your Business

Do you know who your customers are? I’m not talking about who you think they are, but who they really are, what struggles they have, what needs your product or service is filling. If you do your homework correctly, you should be able to discover who your best customers are so intimately that you could carry on a conversation with them. In this post I will detail how you can learn about your target customers and build your own buyer personas.

What is a Buyer Persona?

Simply put, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer that’s based on real data and some educated guessing about your customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

Why Should You Create a Buyer Persona?

Today, customers prefer to be educated about topics vs. being sold solutions. This means you need to cater your content and information to your customers so that you’re delivering them what they need to make smart and informed decisions.

This is why it’s so important to know WHO you’re speaking to every time you write a blog post, a product description, a social media post, or send an email: you want to ensure you’re appealing to the right individual. By knowing your buyer persona it’ll be that much easier to get into the mindset of your potential buyers.

How to Create a Buyer Persona?

To create a buyer persona for your business, you’ll need to complete three important steps: research, identifying trends, and creating profile stories.

You’ll begin by conducting research and the easiest way to conduct research is to create a customer feedback survey. Make the questions specific to what you offer, and focus on the why or motives of your customers versus asking about their actions. Remember, your goal is to understand their motives.

Who should you survey? Start with your current customers. Then, reach out to former customers and any new customers you feel comfortable asking. And as much as you may want, don’t exclude those customers who you’d consider “bad.” Their feedback is equally (if not more) important than current customers because their feedback could illustrate larger themes, wants, or desires that your other customers may not reveal.

Once you have all your answers, begin looking for trends. Begin grouping similar answers together into a document. These similarities will indicate who your personas actually are.

How You Can Build Your Personas

The final step is to build out your buyer personas. In most cases, these are a printable PDF document that includes all the information describing this person.

A few important details to include:

  • Persona name: This will make your persona more human and create context.
  • An image or picture: Adding a picture will help you put a face to the name and make it easier to speak right to the person.
  • Relevant quotes you collected: If anything jumped out from your survey that truly epitomized that individual.
  • A clear image of the person: Paint detail about who this person is. What are their goals? Why do they shop with you? Why does the product you’re offering help them? Answering all these questions can help ensure you are aligning all your marketing activities correctly.
  • Plans for serving this person: How does your business help this person? How will you appeal to them in the future? Detail this information to help create a clear strategy.

Remember to be as specific as you can with these personas. They are the backbone for effectively communicating with your customers.

What other questions do you have about buyer personas? Do you need any help creating target personas? Leave your questions and comments below; we love hearing from you!

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