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How to Get Customers Online To Engage With Your Business Using Social Media

Small businesses are always looking for unique ways to grow their reach and expanded their business. It is not hard to figure out that reaching more customers means the possibility of more business, which could lead to more money. However in an ever-changing digital world it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Which is why I’m here to tell you social media can have a big reach especially when you use the right channels to reach potential customers.

Turning to social media is a great step to consider when you are identifying how to get customers online to begin engaging with your business. While there are many opportunities for different kinds of business there are three areas that build a strong base for reaching customers and capturing leads on social media.

Content is Currency

Curating and sharing valuable content is a great place to begin growing your social media presence. So, what defines valuable content? Valuable content is targeted to your specific audience and fills a need for them. Maybe that need is educational information or maybe it is humorous; the need depends on your audience.

Once you have that content there are additional steps that can help your overall content marketing strategy. For example, tagging influencers can reach people that don’t currently engage with your business. Tagging a brand you carry in your store or other businesses in your community that you collaborate with can do this.

Another step is asking for testimonials and reviews. Featuring real people who have a great experience with your business is a great way to offer a snapshot into your business that could reach people across social media and give them the validation to patron your business.

Also, remember the social media mix for your business. This means using the best platform to reach your business’ target audience. You don’t need to be on every social media platform, focus on the ones that are going to reach that target audience.

Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways can be another great tool to reach your intended audience on social media. These can become very complex, but there are a few simple social media contest ideas that, when done right, can produce a good return for your business.

Run a Facebook specific promotion. Specific Facebook contest examples include running a campaign with specific targets promoting a special in store offer. Your business could also run a coupon of some kind that would encourage conversion from Facebook to the ecommerce platform on your website.

An Instagram contest is another tool that has been gaining popularity. These usually require people interested in participating to not only re-share your company’s photo but tag people they think would be interested in your brand. That’s a double win for your efforts.


Snapchat, Instagram and now Facebook offer video stories. This provides the opportunity for the combination of some of the items above. You can feature a brand on these story platforms, tag an influencer and offer a discount all in one.

Video’s contribution to social media also provides your business the opportunity to conduct live video sales if you’re in retail, expert question and answer sessions for branding your business or feature specials if you are in food and beverage or seasonal type of business. Really the possibilities are only limited by what your business wants to do.

So, where do you start?

Really there is no best place to start. Pick one of these that speaks to your business goals, use the platform your audience is on and try it. Don’t forget to have a little fun and bounce your idea off of other people if you’re unsure!



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