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How to Use Print Advertising to Drive Repeat Business

iStock-598671436.jpgPrint advertising has been around for decades, but can often get overlooked in today’s digital marketing landscape. However, print advertising is a proven effective tool for generating new customers, driving repeat business and increasing sales.

With eight out of ten adults performing a call to action on newspaper ads, most of the statistics show that print advertising is far from dead. The key is formulating the right campaigns and initiatives in order to get people coming back for your product or service.

Here are a few different areas to focus your print ads on to do just that:

Strong Branding

While digital channels are great, print has a true lasting effect. Newspaper ads, for example, might be visible for days or even weeks in a household depending on how long they leave the paper sitting around. This helps keep your company front of mind in the eyes of your target audience. Print also provides something that customers can see, feel, smell and touch. Over time, these print campaigns can build brand recognition, which in turn will feed into loyalty when customers become customers. But just the fact that they’ll be seeing your ads over a long period gives them a sense of the longevity and stability of your company. This gives them comfort and confidence to keep coming back to your business.

Relatable Messaging

Your print ads should include messaging that meet the needs and wants of your target audience. Many businesses are seasonal, for example, so you want to tailor print ads to their needs during that time of year. If you run a ski resort, you’re much more likely to attract eyes to your ad during the winter season. You can still run print ads during the summer, but the messaging should be different. Maybe you want to encourage people to research ski locations and plan their budget for a vacation in a future season. They key is to have a simple, strong call to action they can engage in at the applicable timing.

Consistent Message

Aside from being relatable, your print ad campaigns should be both consistent and frequent. This stems from having a strong brand identity that plays well no matter which channels or formats you advertise on. This can include print, TV, digital, social media or radio. No matter which combination you choose to utilize, make sure your print ads’ messaging is consistent with your other channels.

Incentivize With Loyalty Offers

One of the great things about print ads is that they’re particularly effective with discounts, coupons and loyalty programs. Newspapers, in fact, are the leading medium that people use for coupons. For example, you might try running a coupon that gives customers a free dessert with the purchase of two entrees. Or maybe try offering discounts on add-on equipment or services to those who visit your resort a certain amount of times. Loyalty programs are a great way to bring in repeat business, and print is often where people look for them.

Strategic Ad Placement

Your print ads won’t do any good if they’re in the wrong place and nobody sees them. You want to ensure that your print ads are targeted towards the right audience, and are therefore in the right places of the right publications. Make sure to work with the specific publication, as well as your advertising partner to view where your options in terms of where your ad will be placed.

Follow-up Ads

While it’s great to engage people the first time around with your ads, to generate ongoing and repeat business you’ll want to send follow up advertising. Follow-up print ads can also integrate with other mediums. For example, if someone fills out a form on your website to register, send them a follow-up postcard thanking and welcoming them. Just remember to have consistent messaging carried through from your digital marketing to your print ads.

Print advertising is still as effective as ever, it is simply playing a different role in today’s digitally-driven environment. Make your print campaigns even more effective by integrating them with other channels to create a strong brand image, and encourage customers to return to your business time and time again.

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