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Marketing Amid Coronavirus Crisis

You run a business. Maybe it’s open right now. Maybe it’s temporarily closed. Maybe it’s somewhere in between. It’s an uncertain time, with an uncertain revenue picture both now and in the future. What is not uncertain is that people are at home, researching information, looking for news, and finding distractions. Internet traffic is surging. There is currently a captive online audience looking for information, services and entertainment. 

None of us can ignore this crisis and its impact on the economy, but there are steps that local businesses can take to maintain during this time. Your marketing plan and tactics should be shifting, but you don’t want to completely stop marketing and advertising. It will be important to, at minimum, stay present and ensure that as the curve of the outbreak flattens, your business is able to stay top of mind for those seeking your products or services. Then, when the market starts to improve, your business will have a much better shot at taking advantage of increased consumer engagement and spending.

Here are six marketing tips to consider during this timeframe.

  1. Be social! Use your social media channels to connect with your customers and followers. Be interactive and ask for their input, needs or ideas. Human to human interactions (through safe digital channels) are vital during this time of social distancing. 
  2. Look to market in high traffic spots. Consumers are spending significantly more time on their digital devices making more space to engage your next customer online. Local news sites are seeing huge surges in traffic and offer online advertising options.
  3. Be creative and think out of the box. Look at contests or interactive content as a way to get your message out while people look for things to do. Photo challenges of what people are doing at home. A bracket breakdown of top shows to watch. Home improvement quizzes. There is a wide range of ways to brand your business and engage your consumers in creative ways during this timeframe.
  4. Consider the importance of getting your marketing message out: letting people know your business is still around or sharing special offers. Some companies (maybe your competition) will be pulling back on their marketing and advertising, leaving more space for you to get in front of your target audience. Businesses who maintain their marketing efforts are likely to see more success during the crisis and after, as it fades away. 
  5. Don’t lose traction. Think of the snowball effect… If you’ve been investing in marketing and advertising, your ‘snowball’ of success is moving quickly.  If you suddenly stop everything, your snowball will halt and stop growing. Instead of stopping altogether, consider how you might revise your strategies to be a more efficient and effective use of time and money, while also maintaining some level of normalcy as you connect with your customers and audience. 

  6. Stay appropriate in your marketing and advertising messaging. Consider the coronavirus crisis and its impact. Ensure you can engage your audience in a safe and respectful manner by aligning all current messaging to be relevant to the current state of affairs. 

Be safe and remember, history shows us countless examples of successful businesses rising after hard times. Let’s do what we can to support each other and our communities. For more tips and tricks on how to maintain success during this crisis, check out The Importance of Marketing During Crisis or 3 Reasons to Keep Marketing During Coronavirus.


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