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Native Advertising Examples That are Engaging, Informative, and Get Read

Native advertising’s secrets for success aren’t secrets at all. With compelling, engaging, authentic storytelling, advertisers can promote their brands in meaningful ways and deliver effective content to their audiences.

What do these elements look like in action? Here are some native advertising examples that we have created for our customers in our mountain town communities that illustrates our focus on quality, engaging content.

Native Advertising Examples:

In this piece sponsored by the Town of Vail, we highlighted the important environmental efforts that are underway to restore Gore Creek, which runs through town. We interviewed water quality and environmental experts about what visitors to Vail can do better, and about the various programs the town is sponsoring to clean up the creek.


In Summit County Home magazine, we produce a monthly piece sponsored by the Breckenridge Building Center. We choose timely topics that our high-end readers of that publication find relevant and informative. Topics have included patio space designs, painting tips, energy efficient homes and this piece on how building codes protect mountain homes from wildfires.


For clients with a larger campaign in which they aim to deliver consistent messages over time, we work to produce content that reaches the right audiences at the right times. A Summit County initiative aimed to inform parents and teenagers about the dangers of youth marijuana use covered topics such as how to talk to teenagers and young adults about marijuana, real-life consequences for youth who use marijuana, and the stages of brain development and how marijuana harms the developing brain.


All of our native advertising articles are also featured online and on social media with compelling information and images from the stories that draw readers in.


Our websites feature sponsored content on our main homepage carousel for 24 hours, after which we move the content to our main headline rail, to the right of the main carousel stories, where it also remains for another 24 hours. This ensures that the content is seen by all visitors to our homepage, as well as through our various social channels.


Due to the diversity of the businesses in our mountain resort communities, our clients range from real estate brokers to local governments to small businesses. We have worked with roofing manufacturers, luxury real estate brokerages and property management firms, hospitals, healthcare providers, marijuana stores, marketing firms, ski and bike shops, building supply stores and more.


We aim to serve our readers with informative articles, such as the one above published in Glenwood Springs and sponsored by a marijuana store, which positions our clients as the experts in their fields. Readers gain knowledge about a topic, and our advertisers benefit by providing their expertise.

Consider these powerful native ads stats and what they could offer your business:

  • Native content ads increase brand lift by 82%
  • Consumers look at native ads 52% more than banner ads
  • Native generates 85% to 93% more clicks than banner ads
  • Purchase intent is 53% higher for native ads
  • Consumers look at native ads 2% more than editorial content and spend the same number of seconds viewing native ads

If you're ready to get started with a native advertising strategy for your business, we can help. Contact us today to get started. 

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