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Next Level Targeting: Utilizing Intent Data to Reach the Right Audience

Do you know your perfect target audience? Do you know who you’re trying to reach with your marketing message, or how to get in front of those who are most likely to respond? Or are you just making an educated guess each time you put an advertising campaign together?

Maybe in the past you’ve used demographic audience targeting to reach women ages 25-35, who you thought would be most likely to buy your product or service. You may have gotten a decent response from that type of advertising, but it’s also likely that you missed out on people who were interested in your product or service, because they didn’t fall within the demographic you defined.

Thanks to intent targeting technology, you don’t have to continue making educated guesses using demographic targeting. Using real data from online users, you can use audience targeting to show your ads to people who are reading about and searching for content related to the products and services you sell. Plus, your investment in advertising delivers better returns when you know you are reaching the right person, regardless of their age or gender.

Intent targeting technology can use several points of data to determine a user’s interest:

  • Sites visited
  • Keywords searched
  • Online content read
  • Locations visited

All of these data points give you accurate and timely insights into consumer behavior, enabling you to form a complete picture of those who are likely to buy your products and services. And none of them includes age or gender!

For example: If you own a carpet and flooring business, targeting a campaign to women ages 35-55 who are homeowners in your area might give you a pretty good shot at reaching a few who are looking to replace the carpet or flooring in their home.

But with intent targeting, you can reach people who have recently searched for the keyword “best affordable hardwood flooring” or read an article about “Carpet Options for Pet Owners,” or even those who have already visited your local competitors. Those people are DEFINITELY ready to buy flooring, so you want to get your business in front of them as soon as possible!

Plus, some of them probably wouldn’t have been reached by your selected demographic targeting-they might be men who are 65 years old! Just because people fit a certain demographic, doesn’t mean they are the ones most likely to buy a product.

But thanks to intent targeting, you don’t have to guess which people are your potential customers based on their age or gender. They’ve already left us “digital breadcrumbs” that tell us exactly what they are interested in right now. And knowing what interests a person is more valuable than just knowing who they are.

Demographic targeting tells us certain things about who people are-but it doesn’t tell us what they want. If you want to reach people who are actively searching for what you have to sell, intent targeting technology is the way to go.

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