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Does your business have a PR strategy?

From earned media coverage to tried-and-true paid models, your business needs to communicate often..

Generate Qualified Leads With Contests & Promotions

There is one universal truth for small business owners and operators of all sizes: they are all..

Promotions, Contests & Sweepstakes: A Better Way to Engage Your Audience

Businesses are increasingly looking for campaign ideas that drive tangible results and increase..

Small Business Saturday: It's a Big Deal

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact local economies, it's more important than ever for..

Tips for Adding a Unique Brand Voice to your Holiday Social Media Campaigns

There is no denying that during this time of year, brands embrace holiday marketing campaigns and..

What's the Difference Between Direct and Organic Sources of Website Traffic?

Said simply: “Organic” search traffic is from users who clicked a link on a search engine like..

How to use brand storytelling to build relationships

By connecting with your audience and providing value to their lives, your brand is more likely to..

Why Google My Business is Important for Local SEO

Many local businesses compete online everyday for an opportunity to provide their products and..

5 Steps to Get Started with Email Marketing Automation

Email has become a staple of the marketing strategy for many businesses. It's a cost-effective way..

Why you should use location-based marketing

When you’re a kid on a family road trip, watching for the approaching billboard signs provides..

How small businesses can take advantage of busy tourism season

If your business is in a popular tourist destination, you might not be the main attraction in..

5 steps to creating buyer personas

As a local business owner, you might know all of your customers by name. That’s great! That will..


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