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SMB to Enterprise: What Does Your Marketing Plan Need?

Regardless of your company size, each business has the same intent and goal when setting up a quality marketing plan. The primary goal is to reach your target personas at the right time at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Nailing this will allow you to sustainably increase sales revenue by effectively nurturing all leads and customers towards conversion. While some strategies are better suited for small or medium businesses, there are other strategies that better perform when utilized in larger enterprise company’s marketing strategies. Either way, the core values of those strategies will have similar foundations.

Your marketing plan should be a strategic road map that allows you to organize, optimize, implement and track all your marketing content and strategies. You can cover aspects from different teams or departments but the key is to ensure all efforts, teams, and content are working to accomplish the same overall company goals. Read on to learn three key strategies that should be included in any marketing plan, regardless of company size.


Establish Company Branding & Credibility

For all businesses, especially larger companies, it is crucial to establish brand recognition and brand trust. First, align all employees and teams with the company’s key goals and mission statement. Next, market the company culture and values to familiarize potential consumers with your brand. You want to create a sense of trust and connection with your brand so that your company is top of mind when people are ready to move further down the sales funnel. 

Consumers are becoming more and more reliant on customer reviews or client testimonials as a basis for establishing trust within a company. Lean into this and ensure your marketing plan includes the creation and implementation of multiple testimonials, case studies or success stories. 

Another great tactic to help establish brand awareness and credibility is to expand your reach through quality relationships with other businesses. Utilize backlinks from other related and credible websites to help you get an SEO boost. Guest blogging is yet another tactic to help establish deeper credibility and awareness. 


Utilize Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is another important tactic to include in any marketing plan, regardless of company size. Account-based marketing (ABM) is the practice of generating highly customized content based on engagements and actions taken by a lead. Really, you are creating a marketing strategy seemingly for just one person as if that one person is the whole market. By focusing on the progression of a single account through the buyer’s journey, you can deliver highly customized content that is sure to be relevant and highly likely to generate conversions. ABM tactics help to expand your outreach and provide a more human to human interaction despite the fact that you are likely utilizing marketing automation to create your ABM content. 


Know Your Target Audience

One final aspect that should always be included in any marketing plan, regardless of the company size, product or goal, is to know your target audience. If you and everyone within your business are not all clear on who the target audience is, then you cannot expect success in your marketing tactics. Utilizing buyer personas is a great method to clearly define exactly who your target audience is. Buyer personas are a description of who you want to attract and can consist of age, sex, location, job title, and many other demographics. 

Once you have a diverse set of buyer personas created, you can then start strategizing the optimal type of content to engage each different persona with. Buyer personas, like Account-Based Marketing, are a way to establish a seemingly human to human interaction with your potential customers thus increasing your chance of conversions. 

In conclusion, the three key strategies to include in any marketing plan, regardless of company size, are to establish company branding and trust, to utilize account-based marketing and to know your target audience. Starting with these three tactics will help your business to establish a strong marketing foundation that can be expanded upon over time. 


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