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The Importance of Marketing During Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has introduced ever-evolving challenges for businesses everywhere. Many are feeling uncertain about how to maintain some aspect of normalcy. To help ease the pain, we wanted to share three marketing strategies that businesses can follow in order to overcome intimidating challenges like the novel COVID-19 virus.


  1. “We’re in this together”: Focus on maintaining your long term relationships. Your best customers are not just numbers who are here one day and gone the next -- they are your neighbors, your ambassadors and the ones who will offer the time and energy to help your business through a tough time. Messages of support to the community can resonate deeply in those who are struggling to come to grips with the pandemic. They may not be able to support you financially in the near-term, but they won’t forget you when they are back on their feet. Establish those supportive and human to human interactions now. 
  2. Your customers need you as much as you need them: The coronavirus has thrown all of us a big curve. When people are anxious about the unknown, they crave a sense of normalcy. Marketing your businesses in challenging times can offer reassurance to your community that there is hope and that your business is a beacon guiding them through a dark tunnel. Consumers spend on things they want and need, and with the merchants whose values align most closely with their own. More than ever, your community is craving relationships that give them confidence to keep moving forward.
  3. Be authentic: Whatever your challenge, authenticity goes a long way toward keeping and retaining customers. Be confident, straightforward and genuine in your messaging. Don't try to be something that you are not. It wasn't too long ago that a firm handshake would cement a deal -- these days, tossing up an elbow or even a simple smile and thank you will put your customers and prospects at ease. 

There’s no doubt the coronavirus has punched us all in the face. But you can take smart steps to minimize the near-term and long-term impacts on your business by ensuring you continue to market your company the best way possible moving forward. 

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