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The Power of Your Database: How to Use Print to Grow Your Subscriber List

How-to-Use-Print-to-Grow-Your-Subscriber-List.jpgWhile it’s true that your subscribers live in the digital world, it doesn’t mean you should ignore print marketing. We’ve put together a list of tactics to help you understand how to grow your subscriber base by using print materials.

Tactics for Print Materials

Include at CTA in the messaging.

You probably know the importance of including a call-to-action (CTA) in digital content, but don’t overlook the value of including a CTA in your print materials also. You can collect valuable customer data by requesting that they fill out a survey printed on their receipt or on a card. Include a short URL on print materials that directs customers to a landing page with a unique tracking code so you can easily track conversions back to the print campaign.

Offer value in exchange for an opt-in.

Include a CTA on print material that offers customers an incentive to opt in since they will be going an extra step by changing mediums. For example, “Sign up to receive our emails and get $10 off on your next visit.”

Keep the ask clear and simple.

Clearly state what you want the reader to do on your print material. Make it easy for customers to opt-in with a clear call-to-action and a simple way for the customer to get to the sign-up form. Don’t ask for too much information on the subscriber form.

Types of print materials to subscriber list growth

  • Flyers and brochures. Use flyers and brochures to display on a store counter or at a trade show and give customers information on the flyer or brochure with a short URL and information about incentives to subscribing.
  • Direct mail. Ensure that messaging is used on the direct mail piece that clearly states how a customer can subscribe for incentives or more information on your business.
  • Magazines and newspapers. Draw attention to the benefits of your email program and include your website address with short, trackable link to sign-up form on your ads.
  • Posters. Posters are a great way to launch a new product or, mounted on foam core, they can be used as signage. Include a CTA with a short URL and direct a reader on how to sign up and why they should sign up.
  • Postcards. Use postcards to promote events or specials and to thank loyal customers or send holiday greetings. Invite them to visit your website for more information, where they will see information on subscribing to your list. Also,
  • In-store promo cards. Leverage an in-store promo card to hand out as customers check out or put in their bags. This can serve many purposes such as promoting future events, online sales, or encouraging them to opt-in to receive emails from you in exchange for a one-time discount.
  • Business cards. Don’t underestimate the power of business cards. Leverage this important customer touchpoint by including a URL that directs them to a landing page for capturing their email address.

Rumors of the demise of print have been greatly exaggerated. Print continues to represent an important element in any marketing strategy. Properly deployed, you can enhance your digital marketing efforts and grow your subscriber list with print initiatives.




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