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Three Ways To Leverage Promotions To Grow Your Business

 Generate Leads, Grow Your Database & Engage Your Target Audience

Looking for the best marketing tactics to help grow your small business? Look no further than promotion campaigns! 

Promotions can address several key marketing challenges that small businesses face every day. If you want to grow your own email database and audience, try a Database Builder Campaign. If you are aiming to activate and engage your target audience, then an engagement campaign is the choice for you. If you are trying to drum up some business, generate new leads and learn more about your perspective customers, then try out our lead-generation campaigns. Regardless of your individual challenge and goals, promotions offer a great opportunity for growth and engagement. Take a look at the examples to see just how promotions are helping other local businesses achieve exciting and measurable results.

Promotions - Database Builder Campaign:

The goal with this type of campaign is to build and grow your email databases of all participating contacts. These are typically seasonal and based around key holidays or events. Whether Mother’s Day is approaching, summer travel season or the first day of school, these are great at connecting and aligning with current trending topics and seasonal events.

Case Study:

The Tahoe Daily Tribune, a print newspaper, was looking to help their clients’ product/services get in front of an engaged audience during a key shopping season, Christmas. Thus, the ‘12 Days of Giving’ campaign was created which generated 2815 total entries and 2663 total opt-ins for advertisers. The types of advertisers who engaged with this campaign consisted of hotels, restaurants, jewelry stores, sports bars, adult art classes, ski retailers and more! As you can see, this campaign had tons of activity and excitement around it. The advertisers were able to capture email addresses that they can add to their own databases and eventually convert into paying customers.


Promotions - Engagement Campaign:

This type of campaign is used to generate a personalized level of engagement within a target audience. An example would be a photo contest geared towards a specific audience that aligns with the advertiser’s target customer base. The goal of this type of campaign is to activate an user base by encouraging the audience to submit their own photos and actively campaign to get others to come in and vote. These can work great for either a single advertiser or multiple different advertisers.

Case Study:

The Greeley Tribune, a Colorado publication, ran a Cutest Couple Campaign. Their sponsors were aiming to reach a targeted audience of women in their area. With 125 images submitted, there were a total of 835 votes submitted. When you create personalized content that allows contacts to feel special and to interact with one another, you increase your engagement rates. Just think, each photo submitted generated nearly 7 votes. That’s high engagement! Other similar campaign ideas would be cutest pets, cutest kids, favorite outdoor recreation, etc.


Promotions - Lead-Generating Campaign:

This type of campaign is used to generate qualified leads, capture consumer insights and identify prospective buyers. Typically, this type of campaign will be targeted at a single type of advertiser and it is often in the form of a survey. By giving away a relevant prize to the business (a product or service they offer) you can attract people who are qualified and clearly interested in engaging with that company.

Case Study:

The Vail Daily partnered with the Town of Avon on a Lead-Gen campaign. The client wanted to engage locals in the area who had an interest in participating in community events. Their campaign included survey questions on the registration form asking how much contacts would be willing to pay for an adult sports league and what days would they want to participate. Of the 653 entries, it was found that 89% of people would pay $50-$100 to participate and 56% of those people wanted to participate on a Tuesday or Wednesday. This was highly actionable information that the client could use in their planning and budgeting for the upcoming adult sports league.

Those who entered had a chance to win a year-long membership to the community and recreation center where the league and events would occur, and that attracted the target audience of fitness enthusiasts and local and regional residents.


Promotions can help businesses grow their own email databases of customers and prospects, engage a key, target audience, and generate new leads. With an integrated and targeted media campaign to support it, advertiser promotions can drive a new, qualified users to into their consumer funnel and convert them into paying customers. 




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