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Key Benefits and Examples of a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Data-driven marketing is a term that you hear marketers use more and more. It has become a..

Digital Native Advertising Examples

Your customers don’t enjoy banner ads. In most cases, they’re ignoring them. Those disruptive video..

Native Advertising Articles Pair Perfectly with Newspapers

With savvy consumers looking for trust and credibility in brands, advertisers are finding that..

6 Google Local Listing SEO Steps to Make Sure Your Business Gets Found in Local Searches

Relevant local search results — i.e., getting a list of nearby pharmacies when you search “drug..

Next Level Targeting: Utilizing Intent Data to Reach the Right Audience

Do you know your perfect target audience? Do you know who you’re trying to reach with your..

How to Reach Customers Through Social Media: Helpful Tips for Small Business Owners

Social media has become a crucial part of digital communication strategies and can be an effective..

4 Ways to Make Your Newsletter Subject Line Ideas Better

We all aspire to write the best subject lines ever, but creative and effective newsletter subject..

How To Get a Personalized Assessment of Your Website (FREE TOOL)

Swift Local Solutions is now offering a free website analysis tool, which provides businesses..

5 Tips to make Twitter More Successful for Your Business

“Twitter it is one of the best free traffic sources for your brand.”

- Kim Garst, Social Media..

5 Companies That Know How To Build Customer Loyalty

For most marketers, a great measure of success is new customer acquisition. But we must remember..

Native Advertising Examples That are Engaging, Informative, and Get Read

Native advertising’s secrets for success aren’t secrets at all. With compelling, engaging,..

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