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Web Design 101: Tips for small businesses

Websites are now necessary for demonstrating your company’s technological literacy, and providing a flexible method for e-commerce that suits your customers’ varying needs — and can affirm customer views of the company as a legitimate business. Customers trust a well-designed, easily understood website, and through that, are more trusting of the company itself. 

Simple and functioning

Customers don’t want to use a site that is overwhelming or has broken code. The point of a website is to facilitate a clear method for the customer to gain information or purchase products, and if the code is broken the website (and the company reputation) will be obsolete. 

Make navigation clear

It's not uncommon to be perusing a website and find returning to the homepage difficult. In many cases this problem is caused by the neglect of the designer to include an easily accessible method of navigation. This can cause frustration for the customer and ultimately may mean that they will no longer be interested in purchasing the product. 

Mobile friendly

Over half of the people who browse the internet utilize their cellphones for the task, making a mobile-friendly site almost indispensable nowadays. Many site-building software, such as Wix and Squarespace, have the option built in, with minimal effort by the designer to make the sites match the full size pages. 

Include photos and/or video

Video content is considered by customers to be a preferred method of receiving information, but even if that’s not an option, visual aids are still very important. Including high-quality, accurate photos of services or products is something that customers appreciate, and helps to provide a different level of confidence in the product. 

If a service is available, video is the best format so that customers can see the service in action rather than viewing images. 

For companies that do not have a lot of image content to choose from, there are plenty of stock photo sites that provide a wide variety of visual content to suit the aesthetic needs of the organization. For more information on reliable sites with large selections, that also happen to be free, a list can be found at 5 Websites with Beautiful (and Free) Stock Images.

Methods of customer communication

Offering a form to provide a customer with an option in order to contact the seller is a great way to create a dialogue with the customer and make them feel more like an individual in the eyes of the company. It is also an important tool with which the customer can contact the company directly with any questions, comments or concerns. As opposed to posting a bad review due to a lack of information or due to unhappiness with the product.

Update often

Another easy way to keep regular customers engaged is to update the website frequently. Some things, such as shop availability will update automatically according to the inventory that is inputted. Others, such as changes in hours or holiday closures need to be done manually. Not to mention, making sure to keep photos or visual aids updated to reflect any changes in the product or service, or even for the season. 

Updating often helps to prevent broken code as changes are made to the site over time rather than performing an overhaul. Sometimes a website needs an assessment in order to determine whether or not it is still working properly and performing in an optimal fashion. A resource for how to request one of these can be found at How To Get a Personalized Assessment of Your Website (FREE TOOL).

In terms of tools, a website is valuable for small businesses and large companies alike. It is an easy way for these organizations to better connect with their customers and target demographics. Websites can help to enable more efficient e-commerce and not require the use of a brick-and-mortar establishment or fees to third-party shop-hosting sites. For organizations striving for perfection and searching for more website building resources, some tips are available on Six Steps for Creating the Perfect Business Website Design.


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