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When Creating Effective Native Advertising, Ask Yourself This: Would You Consume This Type of Content?

In native advertising, direct sales might not happen immediately, but they will happen eventually. That’s a hard pill to swallow for some businesses who are looking for instant results, but the results will come if you create the right kind of quality content.

I recently worked with a client who wanted to create an ad that described every aspect of the services and products offered by his business. I asked him if he would read an article like that about a business, and when he said that he would, I suspected he might have known that was a lie. While we were discussing native advertising, what he really sought was an advertorial vs. native advertising.

If you’re not creating content that you would personally consume, why would you expect potential customers to read it? And if your potential customers are not even reading the content, they’re certainly not engaging with it or sharing it. So really, what’s the point? Why spend all your time and energy on creating the ad in the first place?

When your business is considering effective native advertising examples the hardest concept to grasp is that the story you’re telling shouldn’t be all about you and your business. What's key to remember is this: the minute readers feel they’re being sold to, they move on.

While advertorials have their place and can make sense for an advertiser, the reason we’re seeing such staggering native advertising growth in the industry is because it works. Business Insider reported last year that native ads will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021.

Step away from the promotional tone and the blatant marketing and recognize that your business has a story to tell. When you work with our professional journalists to tell that story, always ask yourself if you would read such a story or share it through your social media channels.

Native content ads reportedly increase brand lift by 82%, so while that potential customer might not walk through your door tomorrow, they’re more likely to remember your business in the future when they are ready to purchase. Businesses who pursue the right kind of native advertising have nothing to lose and so much to gain.



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