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Why Niche Magazines Are One of the Best Ways to Advertise Locally

It can be hard to wear all the hats associated with successfully running your own business. When it comes to advertising, so many different opportunities exist. There are social media advertising options, digital marketing tactics, and a variety of print options. Magazines are an often-overlooked platform that can drive powerful results for your business.

In this post I will highlight why niche magazines are one of the best ways to advertise locally and explain the results you can expect to see when you advertise in these specialized publications.

About the Audience

Magazines resemble small businesses in that they target a niche target audience.

This is especially true for local special interest magazines. These publications are often run by local media companies and backed by demographic data about the local communities. The reader’s commitment to this unique brand experience results in unparalleled consumer engagement with magazine content be it in print or in digital format.

Benefits of Advertising in Magazines

A Nielsen study found that for every $1 spent on magazine ads, more than $3.50 was generated from consumer purchases for all industry types. This means that by selecting the right magazine you can extend your reach and generate a huge return for your business. Targeting and audience data have allowed digital ads to be extremely refined and relevant. However, print ads improve brand metrics and improve sales, lifting brand favorability and purchase intent for those who view the ads. It’s much easier to tune out digital ads, but the print experience lends itself well to driving more comprehension and brand recall. Further, magazines have continued to see steady subscription rates, and the industry has seen a surge towards digital, both for subscriptions and individual issues. Across niche publications, readership of magazines crosses platforms. Readers of magazines engage in print, digital, and eReader platforms. This means that when you advertise in these publications you can tap into the power of print and also layer in additional digital elements for those engaging with these publications digitally.

In fact, the more niche you can become, the bigger the opportunity becomes for those select advertisers within that category of interest. Almost no other platform will provide native content related to their market or business, especially on a local level. The segmented targeting that magazines provide are a no waste advertising campaign for your business.

Variety of Advertising Opportunities

The good news for small businesses is that magazines back up editorial content with intelligent advertising opportunities to an engaged group.

Native advertising is one intelligent and engaging way to advertise within magazines. Native advertising is a less-obtrusive way to advertise your business or services by pairing it with informative content that will appeal to your target audience.

Certain magazine articles require local business participation to work; think of hot restaurants to visit during the summer season, or local recreation stores offering indoor activities during the winter. Placement in these editorial opportunities are critical to small businesses.

Does magazine advertising work? The data suggests that the benefits to advertising in magazines are plentiful and proven. What other questions or thoughts do you have about advertising in magazines? Be sure to list your thoughts in the comments below.



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