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Winning Your Customer's Trust With Triggered Nurture Campaigns

How Automated Campaigns Save Time & Grow Engagement

If your business is looking to find ways to ensure your marketing plan is on the right track, make sure you have included triggered nurture campaigns in your strategy. Triggered nurture campaigns are a vital tool for any marketer’s toolbox as they are a tactic you are able to ‘set  and forget’. These campaigns ensure that your business is continually gaining the trust of your database.

A triggered nurture campaign is a series of touch-points triggered off a contact's first form fill or other desired engagement. Content is created such that can be sent to the database of contacts at any desired cadence. This allows for continued and personalized engagement, putting your company at the forefront of your contact’s mind by delivering solutions to their problems on an automated basis.


First, you must set your main goal and desired timeline. The timeline of a triggered nurture campaign is very flexible and can be anywhere from just a few days all the way up to a few years. The best method is to utilize several different short-term and long-term campaigns in order to ensure that you are always giving your customer the right content at the right time as well as moving new leads down the conversion funnel.  

Do you want to create an engaging and informative series of touch-points for a new customer which are reaching out to a lead once a week for the first month? Or, do you want to create a long-term series that revisits old customers several times a year in order to re-engage your entire database? Alternatively, do you want to give your customer an offer based on how long they have been with you? The options are endless and once you figure out what your company is trying to accomplish, you can then select the optimal goal+timeline to help your business generate new leads and win your customer’s trust.

Now that you have your goals and timeline set, you can begin content creation. Once you have your group of triggered nurture campaigns in place, you can SET IT AND FORGET IT! Your existing contacts now have a series of touch-points that are constantly nurturing and re-engaging them, creating an optimal business-to-business relationship. Since your triggered nurture campaigns are automated, you can then shift your focus to other marketing tactics. This time-saving strategy allows for your business to constantly be giving all existing contacts and potential contacts the right content at the right time!

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