Swift Digital offers a variety of digital marketing products and services to help local and regional businesses take advantage of the millions of opportunities to reach their target audience that happen every day. Our suite of digital products contains the innovative and effective solutions businesses desire.

Our local marketing consultants can bring all your digital marketing under one roof and offer their expertise to help craft an effective digital strategy that is personalized to your business goals.

From email to social media to targeted display, our digital marketing products take our clients where they want to go!


Search Engine Marketing

Effective search engine optimization (SEO) helps ensure your website shows up when customers use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We help drive web visibility through SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) by establishing authority online through our different markets. Both SEO and PPC are extremely important, but they can be time-intensive and overwhelming for those who don’t know exactly what they’re doing. The Swift Digital team can help you master both.


Social Media Management

Social media management allows your business to manage relationships with customers, build awareness, and maintain a positive reputation on the leading social media platforms. We use an evidence-based approach to social media marketing, deploying a full-funnel strategy to attract, engage and convert new customers through your social media channels or ours.


Video Advertising

Online video continues to experience rapid growth, and for good reason. Users who watch videos online are more engaged — they spend more time on web pages and visit more pages overall. Employing video advertising for your products or services increases brand exposure. Our pre-roll video advertising plays before all local news videos on our websites, including on mobile platforms. Don’t have existing video for your business? We can produce it for you.


Native Advertising

Position yourself as the expert in your industry with custom content about topics relevant to your business and customers. That custom content is then published alongside news articles on our trusted local news websites. By aligning with our local news sources, native advertising creates trust between brands and consumers. Did you know 32% of consumers say they would share a native ad with friends and family? 


Targeted Display Advertising

Target your business’ message to the right people in the right places at the right times. Our display advertising solutions allow you to reach prospective customers on desktop and mobile websites, apps, email and other platforms. In-network online display ads target our news websites and their locally engaged audiences. Out-of-network ads deliver on sites across the internet. Tell us who you want to reach, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Email Marketing

Define your “dream” customer and reach them with targeted emails. Using consumer profile data including income level, age, education level, geography, online behavior and more, we can pinpoint those most likely to buy from you and deliver your message to their inbox. Then, we can follow up with interested customers to help increase your conversions.


Website Design

Work with us to build a professional and optimized website. We offer more than 100 designs and landing page templates. Your business will have a clean, functional and professional layout. We’ll guide you with industry best practices on user experience, high-quality content and mobile-first design. Start growing your business online today and work with our website specialists to discuss — and achieve — your digital goals.


Reputation Management

Whether it’s Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, personal blogs or elsewhere, customers talk daily about the businesses they frequent. What’s being said about your business? Most consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and that wealth of chatter has a direct impact on sales. Managing your business’ reputation on those sites is time-consuming and difficult. Swift Digital can do the heavy lifting with online review response management so you can focus on the actual running of your business.


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