Jump on board and let MyWindsor put your business front and center in the local community.

Our mission with the MyWindsor magazine is to highlight the people, places and events that make Windsor one of the most unique and enjoyable communities in Northern Colorado. Our goal is to inform and entertain, helping the Windsor community, along with visitors from near and far, understand the people, sights and sounds that this community has to offer. When it comes to telling the story of Windsor, you can trust that MyWindsor will be there to provide quality news and insight to what matters most.


Here are the reasons you should advertise in MyWindsor:

  • Quality: Be aligned with content and graphics that are eye-catching and appealing and content that is informative, fun and in-depth. Content that is true and genuine Windsor. This high quality product will have a layout that is clean and concise, easy to read, thus giving advertisers a better environment to promote their products and services.
  • Target Distribution: If you want to reach people who live, play and work in Windsor, that is exactly what you will get with MyWindsor. We can help you be more efficient at reaching your key customers that are right here in this community.
  • Shelf Life: Magazine readers may read products anywhere from one to twelve months. Give your message maximum exposure to potential customers and make your ad dollar go further!
  • Marketing: A great product means nothing if there is no strategy to reach the right, and more, audiences. My Windsor uses multi-media marketing strategies and channels to ensure MyWindsor, and our advertisers who align with it, are reaching more than just eyeballs in print, but also through digital channels like internet ads and targeted email campaigns.


Deadlines:                                                                                                     Click here to read the latest edition.
My WIndsor November 2019
  • Ad Copy Deadline: November 7, 2019
  • Publish Date: November 29, 2019


  • All households in Windsor
  • Average $65k HHI
  • Rack copies available in businesses throughout Windsor


  • 8,200 total copies distributed to households in Windsor
  • 800 total copies distributed at rack locations in area businesses, hotels, restaurants and more
  • Monthly email targeted to those who have opted-in to receive content and promotions from the Greeley Tribune and Windsor Now
  • Delivery begins to homes and racks the last week of each month

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